Best Black Friday Deals for Tennis Players

Holiday season is upon us! Give the tennis players in your life even more reason to love you! Here are the best Black Friday deals for tennis players! Tennis Express The industry-leading online tennis retailer always offers great deals on the best tennis equipment. If the discounts aren’t deep enough year round, their Black Friday sale […]

Is Rafa Nadal done for good?

After latest injury, is Rafa Nadal done forever? Rafa Nadal announced last week that he would be skipping the remainder of the 2016 season with a left wrist injury. Uh-oh… we have heard this story before. For tennis fans and sports fans in general, this is increasingly disappointing news. As one of the most beloved […]

The Top 5 Best Cities For Tennis West Edition

Ever heard the saying, “West Coast, Best Coast”? Well when it comes to tennis, it’s hard to argue against that. The west, and especially southwest, is known for beautiful, sunny, dry weather and a very active population, which fosters a thriving tennis scene. You can find great tennis opportunities everywhere you go in the West, […]

American Tennis Players Who Changed the Game

To commemorate Independence day, we wanted to salute the American tennis players who changed tennis forever. From pioneers who broke the race barrier, to record setting performances and cultural icons, these are the players we have to thank, and who we will never forget.     Arthur Ashe It is impossible to have a list […]