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Tennis Classes in Nashville, TN

            PlayYourCourt is a local tennis organization making tennis more convenient and affordable.   All PlayYourCourt coaches are certified and dedicated to providing first-class instruction. PlayYourCourt is excited to announce their new tennis classes in Nashville, TN with a fantastic pro, Julie. Julie is PTR certified and has 25 years of teaching […]

Advice For Adult Beginners Playing Tennis

Are you kicking around the idea of starting tennis, but think you’re “too old” to learn something new? PFFT! Here’s some advice from our PlayYourCourt coaches for adult beginners. What’s your advice for adult beginners?  Very simply, find yourself a certified and reputable teaching professional (“pro”) and take a handful or dozen lessons over the […]

Superstitions in Tennis

Superstitions and rituals are very prevalent in modern day sports. Athletes believe that their repetitive actions have some power in controlling luck or the outcome of their matches. They are often deep-rooted in big wins or big losses the athlete has experienced. “You’re looking to recreate your good performances,” said Tracy Austin, a two-time United […]

Tennis Date Night

When you plan a date night, is your first thought to find a new restaurant and good movie in the theater? Although this can be fun and relaxing, why not try something new and active–like a tennis date night? Research shows couples that participate in sporting activities report a stronger and better relationship. So whether […]