How PlayYourCourt works

Get More Business

List for free and let us go to work for you. We spend millions in advertising dollars each year to bring you new students.

Teach on Your Schedule

Teach when and where you want. Tell us your availability and preferred courts and we’ll fill holes in your teaching schedule.

Set Your Own Rates

You decide what you make. Set your hourly rate and we’ll charge the student $15 to $25 on top to cover our advertising costs.

Choose your coach

Create Your Profile

Create your profile and we’ll schedule a call with you to activate your account and answer any questions. Coaches with the most professional pictures and profiles get the most business.


Get New Students

We notify you via text and email when a new student books. Call to set up a convenient time and location for their lesson and enter the confirmed appointment into our system. This will send your student an automated lesson reminder.


Make More Money

You will be paid once a month via direct deposit for all lessons taught and marked completed in the PlayYourCourt system in the previous month. All coaches are hired and paid as independent contractors and receive a 1099 for tax filing purposes.