Steve D.

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About me

  • USPTA certified with over 40 years of teaching experience
  • Teach all levels - great with beginners and high-performance players
  • I create a fun atmosphere that's easy to learn in
  • Coached top ranked juniors, adults, and college players

As a coach I am constantly trying to improve and think of new ways to help my students achieve their goals. I believe t…

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

Where is my lesson?

Steve can recommend a location or come to any court inside the highlighted service area below.

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West Ridge Middle School
9201 Scenic Bluff
Austin, TX 78733
Tennis Ball Map Pin
West Ridge Middle School
9201 Scenic Bluff Rd
Austin, TX 78733
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Home court
Austin, TX 78733
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Steve's availability

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Steve's pricing

The more lessons you buy the more you save!

Package Amount Per Lesson Price
Less than 6 Call us to book 301.575.6112
6 Lesson Package $87 per hour
12 Lesson Package $79 per hour
20 Lesson Package $77 per hour
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Book your lessons online or give us a call at 301.575.6112 and we will help you select your perfect instructor.

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Upon payment you will immediately receive your instructor's contact information. They will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule your first lesson at a time and location that’s convenient for you.

Do you have any questions?

Can I book a trial lesson with you?
Most people purchase a minimum of 6 hours to start so I have enough time to look at your game and make a few quick fixes or develop a plan based on your goals. If for some reason you aren’t happy, PlayYourCourt can switch you to a different coach. If they can’t find a coach you like, they will refund you the remaining lessons. But if you would still like a trial lesson you can call 301.575.6112 to set one up.
How can I contact you?
Once you have booked your lesson package, you will immediately receive my contact information. If I don't hear from you, I will call you to finalize your lesson details.
I have a court I want to use, can you come to it?
Yes, if you are within my service area I am happy to come to your own private court or a public court of your choosing.
I don’t have a court in mind, where can we play?
I can provide several options in your local area that will be convenient for you.
Can you teach more than one person at a time?
Yes, I offer semi-­private lessons for up to five students at once. Each additional player is only an extra $10.00 per hour.
When can I start?
As soon as you’d like!
What if it rains?
If it rains we'll reschedule for a sunny day! It won’t be counted as one of your lesson credits.
How do I schedule and pay for my lesson?
You can book directly through the website or feel free to call us at 301.575.6112.
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Student reviews

"Steve is an excellent coach with decades of experience. His coaching is the result of real thought into what he's learned from his own coaching mentors and what he's discovered through personal experimentation during his playing career. Most coaches just feed you balls and hit with you, throwing out the occasional pointer. Steve is systematic, and takes the time to really drill down on technique. The lesson isn't just a workout - it's an actual lesson on how to improve your game."
"Steve is a great teacher - lots of wisdom and directed feedback that is relevant to improving my play. Looking forward to my next lesson!"
"Steve is a really great teacher. Very patient and very detail-oriented."
"Love Steve!"
"Creative, engaging teacher. Just super!"
"Steve is an excellent teacher! I am a beginner and I have had lessons in the past where a ball machine was set up and I was left to my own, and not surprisingly I was not improving. Steve's one on one approach with detailed instruction, observations on improving my strokes and footwork and a clear methodology tailored for me has helped my game immensely. Steve is also always on time, personable and responsive."
"Steve is a great coach with a lot of experience. He has shown me great techniques to improve my game. He is reliable, on time and communicates well."
"Leon enjoyed his lessons."
"Steve has been a terrific help with my game. Completely changed my forehand and backhand to make them more effective and powerful. My serve is still a work in progress but I'm confident that with Steve's help it will in time become more of an asset than a liability. Great coach. Fun to work with."
"Steve is an outstanding instructor. He's patient, inventive, and deeply knowledgable. His ability to connect with children is extraordinary. He finds the perfect balance between humor and instruction and is able to motivate them to unwittingly improve their game and learn all the while having fun. My son, in particular, taking his very first set of tennis lessons, he went from a complete novice to an enthusiastic player. My nine-year old daughter improved dramatically and proclaimed, "tennis is my favorite game!" Steve has a deep knowledge of tennis history and conveys an infectious enthusiasm for all aspects of the game. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to any level player--novice, intermediate, or someone wanting to improve the finer nuances of their game."
"From the very beginning Steve has been welcoming and encouraging. His ability to explain new concepts and careful eye for technique is what has helped me transform into the tennis player I am today. Few coaches have the patience to attentively watch to make sure each and every ball you hit is technically sound, but Steve does so every time. Any mistake that is made on the court is turned into a learning opportunity. Over the past few years I have worked on skills that have helped me improve all aspects of my game. I now play for the Macalester College tennis team and I simply would not have made it this far without working with Steve. He is an invested coach who has a wealth of knowledge and love for the game. Each lesson reflects that passion and skill, guaranteed."
"Steve is truly the best tennis instructor I've ever had. So efficient in his methods, and able to dissect any problem area and improve performance effectively. I never thought I would see myself or my girls move along so quickly. There's none of that just feeding you bunch of balls. He is ON it"