Roger Federer Beats Rafa Nadal to Win Swiss Indoors

Federer wins Swiss Indoors

Federer beat Nadal to win the Swiss Indoors final.  This was their first meeting in nearly two years, and Federer had the support of his hometown crowd to cheer him to victory! Though it was their first matchup in quite some time, it was a nice reminder just how fantastic their rivalry has been for us tennis fans. We can only hope that there are MANY more to come!

Serena Williams Dating the Co-Founder of Reddit

Looks like she wasn’t with Drake!  A source confirmed this week that she’s dating Alexis Ohanian. While she shines on the tennis court, this story just goes to show that she really is a superstar celebrity off the court as well!

Great ball Catch by Federer

Federer doing neat stuff again, as expected!  The clip shows him doing a similar thing a few years before. What can’t the GOAT do? Please don’t ever retire, Roger!

Top 20 College Facilities

An article was posted regarding the top 20 college locations for tennis. Some of these are absolutely mind-blowing. There is some money in college tennis, and though the students aren’t paid to play there, they must feel like pros!  It’s not too early to start dreaming about a scholarship for your kids…

Ren’s Rants

Do you have an opinion on the state of American professional tennis? Of course you do, and we sure do too!

Tennis Halloween Costumes

See some of the tennis-related ideas for costumes!  Which one is your favorite? 



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