How Millennials Get Fit

Millennials get a bad rap.

Some say we are lazy; entitled; unable to keep long term commitments like families, careers, or windowsill plants.

Being a millennial myself, I think that’s complete nonsense. I’ve kept a pet cactus alive and thriving for three years now.

But, more to the point, Millennials simply get and embrace the culture of convenience. We understand there is now an easier, completely more awesome way of doing most things.

And one of those things is getting fit.


If you like driving to a gym, finding parking, changing into your gym clothes, waiting in line for the treadmill (ugh, I’m getting annoyed just writing about it), doing the same boring routine, showering with a zillion strangers, etc. etc. etc. then by all means, stop reading.

But if you’re ready to step into the 21st century with us, let me tell you about five amazing ways to get fit that millennials love for their convenience, price, ease-of-use, and perfect anecdote to our need for constant stimulation.

1. Class Pass

The Pitch: So many fitness studios, so little time! If you’re torn between Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, SoulCycle, etc., Class Pass is a great solution. It’s like the all-you-can-eat buffet of fitness classes.

You pay a flat monthly fee and can go for free to up to ten classes a month at any participating studio. Reserving your spot in every class is easy since it’s all done through their handy app.


The Catch: Class Pass is not cheap, and they just hiked their prices yet again. The total cost corresponds to the city where you live, but it’s pretty expensive across the board. In New York City, for example, a ten class monthly pass will run you $135.

Also, Class Pass is best for people living in big cities, decent for people living in smaller cities, and virtually non-existent for people who live in neither. I haven’t tried Class Pass (it’s a little too steep for me) but my friends who have it and can afford it do love it.

2. PlayYourCourt

The Pitch: Ok, yes, I am employed by PlayYourCourt, so yes, I obviously think we rock…but that’s because we DO rock! If I was a client of ours I would be saying the same exact thing (and the 10,000 students we work with are btw).

Thanks to us, tennis is not just for country clubs anymore, and it’s such an amazing, fun way to get fit fast. You can tell us what your lesson goals are (tone up, work on technique, sweat), what your schedule is, and where you are, and we’ll literally do all the work for you of finding the perfect coach that can teach you when you want them to, at the closest court to wherever you are. Dude. It’s that easy.


The Catch: There isn’t one. We’re perfect.

3. Insanity Max:30

The Pitch: Beach Body has been around and kicking people’s butts into shape since the early ’90s, but their latest program really embraces the “short but tough” Millennial fitness trend.

Unlike previous installments, Insanity Max:30 is a home workout routine that requires no outside equipment and only lasts 30 minutes. As in: you can finish an Insanity Max:30 workout and still have half a “Game Of Thrones” episode left.


The Catch: Did you notice how the program is called “Insanity”? Yeah, there is a good reason for that. Having used this program myself in the past I can personally attest to the fact that it may only be 30 minutes long, but it will be the hardest 30 minutes of your life. It is so difficult that BeachBody recommends consulting your doctor before trying it, and frankly, so do I.

4. InstaFit

The Pitch: Yes, Insta is short for Instagram. Yes, that Instagram – the second most popular social media platform that if you don’t have you should really get, like right now.

InsatFit is a massive social movement where personal trainers give daily routines and advice on Instagram using various hashtags. If you think this isn’t serious stuff, download the app and check out Kayla Itsines and her “personal training journey.” More than 4 million people follow her advice like fitness gospel.


The Catch: Listen, community is great. It’s powerful. It’s fantastic. We are Millenials, we love community, but social media communities often lack the motivational force of an actual real-life physical trainer who can push you to put down the FroYo and get off the couch.

5. Bulu Box

The Pitch: I’ll admit it, Millennials are obsessed with sample boxes. There’s a monthly box for everything these days: beauty, pets, even tennis! And so, of course, there are a handful of sample boxes devoted to fitness, but I like Bulu Box.

For $10 a month you get a box with 4 or 5 samples of products in sports nutrition, sleep, and healthy snacks, plus lifestyle extras like gym gift cards or DVDs.


The Catch: Sometimes the samples are gross, sometimes they are fantastic – I like to think of it as a game of fitness roulette. If you’re up for adventure it’s a great pick, if you already know what you like, it’s probably not the product for you.

But did we mention tennis…

Shameless plug: those other four things are great, but PlayYourCourt is obviously the best. That’s because we are the only ones that work entirely around your schedule, and also, everyone who works here is passionate about getting more people to try tennis. People like you!

Oh, and we also just lowered our prices so we’re the cheapest private coaches around (see graphic below)!

Follow this link and put in your zip to check out coaches near you.

It’s how millennials get fit. And if they don’t yet, they will soon 🙂


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