Tennis Tips: How To Hit More Topspin

hit more topspin

How do I hit more topspin in tennis?

It’s easier than you think! Scott Baxter shows you how to hit more topspin in the PYC YouTube tennis tips channel.

YouTube: Tennis Topspin Drill

A lot of the players really struggle with how to correctly add topspin to their strokes. Especially for beginners or players entering at the 3.0 or 3.5 level, topspin is an intimidating part of the game.

And that’s ok! It’s a hard concept to grasp. You hear a lot of coaches talking about “brushing up on the back of the ball” to create spin, but you really don’t have a good visual of what that means.

In the video above is a simple drill that you can use to really get a feel for what it’s like to correctly “brush up” the back of the ball.

Topspin Drill

For this drill you’ll need to be working with a partner.

– Stand facing each other with your rackets directly in front of you and held out at waist height. The rackets should overlap.

– Have your partner drop the ball in front of the rackets and keep their racket still.

– Move your racket over your partner’s and back under in order to hit the ball, creating a big circle around your partner’s racket.

The action of your racket will force the correct “brush up” movement and you’ll both feel it and instantly see the ball revolutions. It may not look like much, but this drill is immensely powerful!

Note that you can still practice without a partner if you visualize a racket being there that you need to maneuver around, but having the real thing there is better when possible.

To see it in action check out the video above!

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