New PYC Tennis Pro: Amir R offering Tennis Lessons in Houston, TX

Amir R has joined the tennis pro team, offering tennis lessons in Houston, TX.

“Fun universal style of teaching for all ages and levels!”

His credentials include:

*10 years of teaching experience
*Experienced to teach all ages and levels
*Patient and very motivational teaching style!
*Founder, CEO, and Head Coach at The Coaching Vault
*Full college tennis scholarship to Xavier University of Louisiana

A little more about Amir:

Want to know why Coach Amir is perfect for you?

Amir R wakes up every morning doing what he loves with his clients and his story on how he became such a successful young tennis coach is both an inspirational and motivational story that is spreading all over the United States.

Amir started playing tennis when he was three years old and fell in love with it ever since. His father coached him up to the age of 14. As Amir’s dad received more responsibility by climbing the corporate ladder, his father didn’t have the time to train Amir. Amir was given a choice, quit tennis, or coach himself. Amir’s love and passion for tennis was so strong that he started doing research online at the age of 14 and started coaching himself. What is impressive about this is not only the fact that he was able to coach himself, it was the fact that his coaching was affective. Amir won over 100 championships in his junior career by being self-taught is ready to teach you everything he knows.

Book a tennis lesson in Houston, TX with Amir R.

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