Amazing Tennis Trick Shots

It was a slow news week for professional tennis, so we dug through the youtube archives for some of the most fun, and most incredible tennis trick shots we have ever seen. We have all seen too many Roger Federer trick shots, but this champagne advertisement featuring the always-incredible Roger was too fun not to share!

Roger Doesn’t Miss

Roger took part in a French ad for Moët & Chandon this past week.  You can’t have Roger in a commercial where he has to miss; it just won’t work.  Check it out!


Mary Pierce’s Tweener

As ridiculous as the tweener is, I’ll never get tired of it.  Mary Pierce hit an amazing one at Roland Garros that was showing up on the web again this past week.

Benoit Paire’s Drop Shot

What an incredible shot by Benoit Paire! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a short drop shot.  The instant replay really shows how great it was. What a great invention slow motion was, tennis trick shots have never been more fun to watch!

ATP’s Top 10, then and now

Ever wonder how much the top ATP players have changed since they started?  We compiled some pictures of the ATP Top 10 Men’s players, then and now! Some of these are absolutely hilarious!

Ren’s Rants

Another rant was posted this week, after the whole debacle about Serena’s phone being stolen.  Serena always manages to find herself in the news, be it for amazing victories, unruly behavior on-court, and sometimes for ridiculous off-court news. This one certainly fits into the latter of those categories…

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