Top 5 Places for Tennis Lessons in Baltimore, MD

Tennis is a popular sport in Baltimore, MD and it’s estimated that there are more than 60 courts found all across the city. Most of these facilities are available for training free of charge, though others may require you to make a small reservation fee before using them. Residents can use make use of these use tennis courts to practice throughout the week and weekends. Many of the facilities are found inside community parks and recreational centers, where you can unwind after your training sessions.

Below are the top 5 places for tennis lessons in Baltimore:

  1. Druid Hill Park

    Druid Hill is a beautiful inner-city park found along 900 Druid Park Lake Dr Baltimore. The center’s relaxed and cool atmosphere makes it a great place for taking tennis lessons. There are several tennis courts at this facility overlooking the city and surrounding highways, which provide a picturesque background for players. For recreation, there’s also a big lake nearby where you can go fishing with your family, including plenty of trails available for walking or jogging. There are several public transit routes covering the region as well as ground trains that you can use to access the park from town.

  2. West Campus Tennis Courts

    The West Campus Tennis Courts in Baltimore consist of 8 tennis courts that were recently renovated, and are currently in top shape for training. The facilities also have lights that can be turned on at night for increased visibility during evening lessons. Additionally, there’s a water fountain just next to the courts that you can use for refreshment, as well as restrooms that are within walking distance. While students have first priority for using the courts, you can still make special reservations to use them for your training.

  3. Baker Park

    Baker Park is a gorgeous recreational facility consisting of 4 tennis courts that are in near-perfect condition. Most people prefer using the courts during the weekend, but you can still train there during weekdays as well. This park is conveniently located next to the highway, plus there are 2 clean portable toilets that you can use for free during your training sessions. In addition, the park is located close to various amenities that you can use for convenience such as restaurants, bars and shops which are just a short walking distance away.

  4. Patterson Park

    Also known as the Pagoda, this amazing park found in 2900 E Lombard St Baltimore, MD is a favorite spot for tennis players due to the 2 high-quality tennis courts it has to offer. The courts are also lit at night thus making them suitable for evening training, you can visit the park after work to train with your coach before heading home. Furthermore, the tennis facilities are in pretty good shape with strong nets that you can use for lengthy training sessions without them wearing down. There’s also plenty of parking available for visitors even during the weekend.

  5. Bloomsbury Community Center

    Located in the peaceful neighborhood of Bloomsbury in Baltimore, this expansive recreation center covers an area of 12.2 acres and forms part of Baltimore County’s Parks and Rec. The park consists of 3 tennis courts that are well-maintained and available for use for free by the public. These tennis facilities are open throughout the week even during weekends, and are kid friendly.  



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