When Tennis Legends Were Kids

Even the pros were beginners at one time! So cute…You have to see this!


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When I Play Tennis I Feel…

When I play tennis I feel… (our most popular answers so far)

Full of Life

How do you feel with you play tennis? Leave your comment on our Facebook page.


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Best Post Workout Drink

You just finished a tough workout on court. What’s the first thing you grab? Water? Gatorade?

Have you ever considered chocolate milk?

Physiologist Joel Stager, director of the Human Performance laboratory at Indiana University, has named this kids’ favorite an optimal post-exercise recovery aid.

Before you gag, hear me out.

Compared to plain milk, water, or most sports drinks, […]

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Dare To Be Present

Is your life hectic, stressful, and full of chaos?

I can feel the overwhelming number of affirmative nods…

Don’t fret, because everyone is in the same boat. No matter what, there will always be external factors preventing you from having a peaceful day; work deadlines, social media, children, household chores–even your running mind!

How do we overcome this?

Be […]

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Tennis is One of the Best Activities for Your Child

Did you know tennis is one of the best activities for your children?

If you’re a parent interested in helping your child stay in shape, improve their eye-hand coordination, and develop social skills, you should take a serious look at the benefits of tennis.

Download our 45-minute lesson plan designed for anyone to “teach”—not just tennis professionals.  […]

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New! Refer a Friend and You BOTH Get $25

We want you to share the “love” with your friends and family.

Even if you haven’t tried us yet, share this with a friend and if they take a lesson you’ll both get $25 off.

Best part, it’s unlimited! For EACH friend you refer who takes a lesson, you’ll get $25.

Here’s how you do it (with a […]

Share and Win a Tennis Express Gift Card

Every racket serves a purpose. Maybe it helped you win a league match? Lose weight? Make new friends? Pasta strainer?

Share what your racket does for you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or simply upload your photo here. Make sure to use the hashtag #MyRacket to be entered in a weekly drawing to win a $25 Tennis […]

What Does Love Mean In Tennis?

Love means nothing to a tennis player. Heard that old adage before?

Besides the clever play of words, love actually means a lot to a player. It starts off the scoring of each and every match. But where did the term “love” come from?

The game of tennis is believed to be thousands of years old with […]

Superstitions in Tennis

Superstitions and rituals are very prevalent in modern day sports. Athletes believe that their repetitive actions have some power in controlling luck or the outcome of their matches. They are often deep-rooted in big wins or big losses the athlete has experienced. “You’re looking to recreate your good performances,” said Tracy Austin, a two-time United […]

Tennis Date Night

When you plan a date night, is your first thought to find a new restaurant and good movie in the theater? Although this can be fun and relaxing, why not try something new and active–like a tennis date night? Research shows couples that participate in sporting activities report a stronger and better relationship.

So whether it’s […]