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playyourcourt reviews

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“ made is easy to get started. I just called and got connected to a great instructor right away. Clayton is the fantastic instructor that directed us to. His great personality and attention to detail quickly put my daughters at ease and he had them playing with confidence really quickly! My only regret is that I did not call and get my girls lesson from Clay earlier.”

– Joe, 7/17/16 – review from

“I found the perfect tennis coach through Play Your Court. It took Roger only seconds to find the major flaw in my forehand. He fixed that from kosen disposable vape device 15000 puffs redbull grape the bottom up. As for my serve, Roger saw right away that my timing and mechanics were off. Starting from the trophy position, my crazy lefty serve is already more powerful and accurate. These adjustments were accomplished in minutes. To say that I’m pleased with my coach is an understatement.”

– Herbert, 7/28/15 – review from

“What a jolly fantastic service! I wanted to learn how to play tennis, I phoned PlayYourCourt, talked to the lovely Meghan and, Boom, everything was sorted. Signed up for 12 lessons with Cate who turns out to be an awesome instructor at courts not 4 minutes walk away from my house. After the lesson I log on to the website and all my lessons are scheduled strawberry lemonade ice right there, so simple! I had a wee question, I opened up the “chat box” got chatting away with a member of staff (at like 19:30) and had the answer straight away.
Organisations like this are what make this country so great, just perfect.”

-Douglas, 7/2/15- review from

“We have had a great experience with Play Your Court! It is a really easy system to use to find great local tennis coaches. The coaches contact you very quickly and set up the time and date for the lesson. There are lots of lesson packages to choose from as well. The lessons themselves were fantastic and well worth the money! I’d highly recommend!”

-Trish, 11/14/15- review from

“Great Lesson! Fun to hit with and talk to. I’m a 4.0 senior and was looking for someone to hit with for an hour rather than a traditional lesson. Irwin was perfect as a hitting partner and his tips on technique and the mechanics of the game were much appreciated. I’m looking forward to our next lesson.”

-Mike, 10/19/16- review from

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