What Makes Our Lessons The Best Money Can Buy


7 thoughts on “What Makes Our Lessons The Best Money Can Buy”

  1. The video was helpful to understand how you do business. I have a 13 year old who plays well. I want to help him play better for tournaments. He has done only one tournament since last summer.

    I played in high school and college. Stopped for several years. When I started my son in match play through MCTA l junior league I decided to play in a league also. I am doing well but I want to do better and get ranked. I want my son to be ranked also.

  2. Are y guys private teaching? And if so, which courts do you use to teach? Price?

    1. Yes, we do private lessons. Our coaches will meet you on any court of your choice. The price depends on location. What’s your zipcode? Please call 301-575-6112. Thanks.

  3. I have played in league many years. (I’m 63.) I want someone who can address an older person’s needs, can encourage them to get beyond the textbook way of playing, help them play to their strengths, and works out a specific plan, rather than rely on cookie-cutter instruction . Also, would be willing to videotape as I’m a visual learner.

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