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[VIP] US Open Clinic / Experience

How would you like to dramatically improve your tennis game, sit court side at the US Open, and hang out with a former grand slam champion all in one weekend?

I am offering an exclusive VIP opportunity to work with me in person and then hang out court side to watch some matches at the US Open this Labor Day weekend.

I finally caved to all the pressure.  Normally you can’t hire me as a coach, but I’ve decided to make an exception this time.

Keep reading because this isn’t just time on court with me, it’s a once in a lifetime experience and I’m only making it available to 8 people.

On Friday September 4th you will check into The JW Marriot Essex House, an iconic New York luxury hotel right across the street from Central Park.

Keep your eyes open while walking around the hotel, there’s a good chance you’ll bump into or share an elevator ride with a top tour player.

To get acquainted with the Big Apple you can take a stroll through Central Park (right across the street), do some shopping on 5th Avenue (only 2 blocks east), or if you really want to stretch your legs, it’s just over 10 blocks to Times Square.

The hotel location isn’t too shabby πŸ˜‰

Unwind and enjoy the city or relax in your plush hotel room, but keep an eye on your watch because at 7pm we’re having dinner.

And this isn’t just any dinner…

Amongst other tennis enthusiasts you will be having dinner with a former grand slam champion.

Over a 5-star New York meal, you will hear stories of the ins and outs of the pro tour, and learn what really goes on behind the scenes with all of the pros you watch on TV.

It will be a night to remember, but don’t have too much fun because Saturday morning we’re hitting the courts.

We will be training at City View Racquet Club, one of the most elite, members-only facilities in all of New York.

This might seem like overkill, but I want to make sure we have the privacy and proper accommodations for me to take your game to the next level.

“Wait….YOU will be teaching us?”

Maybe you’ve read my emails, articles or tips, but if you don’t know my full story, allow me to elaborate.

While I now spend the majority of my time running PlayYourCourt, I am a former Junior Davis Cup Player, Division I College Tennis Player, and a USPTA Elite Certified Tennis Professional.

I have spent over 10 years and 15,000+ hours on the tennis court working with students of all ages and skill levels to improve their game.

A little over a year ago I hung up my full-time “teaching coat” to focus on growing PlayYourCourt, but if you ask any of my students – teaching is still what I do best.

On Saturday morning at City View Racquet Club we will begin by dissecting your technique.

This isn’t your standard “off the rack” technique assessment. We’re going to dive in with video analysis to identify your strengths and weaknesses and custom tailor your strokes to fit YOUR game.

If you’ve ever felt like the “cookie-cutter” forehand just doesn’t work for you, this morning will be the best tennis experience of your life.

A strong technique is the foundation for success and after we have custom fitted your strokes you can finally stop thinking about HOW to hit the ball and start thinking about WHERE to hit the ball…

Which is exactly what we will move to next.

After a nice lunch at City View we will move on to strategy.

If you do a little investigative research on me, you’ll find that my biggest strength, as reported from previous students that have worked with me at elite events, is my knowledge base of strategy and how it applies and changes at varying levels of play.

Regardless of your skill level, my team and I will be in your ear all afternoon, brainwashing you into a smarter tennis player and showing you in the moment the mental mistakes you’re making and the adjustments needed to take your game to a whole new level.

What does this mean for you?

Imagine winning matches on autopilot without the “brain pain” you suffer from today.  You will learn and memorize some automatic strategies that will make you a better decision maker and instantly win you more matches.

Sound amazing?

We could call it a weekend right there…

But we’re just getting started.

We’ll head back to the hotel, shower up and then get ready for an electric night session at the US Open.

While being on court with me is pretty cool, NOTHING compares to a night session at the US Open.

And your seats… are INCREDIBLE.

These court side seats are so good that you’re in danger of Nadal sweating on you.

Kick back, watch some tennis, and critique the best players in the world with the newfound strategies you learned earlier in the day.

Phweeew!  That’s a long day.  The best tennis day of your life.

Welp, go home and get your beauty sleep, because on Sunday you’ve got amazing court side seats again for BOTH day and night matches.

The fun finally ends Sunday night, head back to the hotel and get a good night sleep.  Our journey together ends here, but if you want to stay in New York and watch more of the US Open let me know.  I’ve got the hook up to help you out with discounted tickets and hotel.

3 nights in a luxury hotel, fancy dinner with a Grand Slam champion, on court clinic with me at one of the most exclusive facilities in New York, lunch, transportation, court side seats for 2 night sessions and 1 day session at the US Open…

You’re probably wondering what this is going to cost you.

I’ll be honest, it’s going to expensive.  Putting something like this together wasn’t easy and quite frankly it’s a once in a lifetime experience that no amount of money can replicate.

So while I’ve put together this experience at a pretty incredible price, it’s still expensive.

Also it goes without saying that space is VERY limited.  There’s only 8 spots available and I will be hand picking who I work with…

After all we’re going to be spending a lot of time together so I need to make sure you’re a good fit and will be fun to spend the weekend with πŸ™‚

I will be reviewing applications on a first come, first serve basis, so if you’re interested ACT NOW.

Hopefully, I’ll see you in New York!  If you’re interested in the tennis experience of a lifetime here’s the link to get started:

CLICK HERE to work with me and sit court side at the US Open!

– Scott

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  1. Love your tutorials – you explain things so it’s easy to understand and put into practice

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