Battle of the Sexes: Finally A Tennis Movie To Get Excited About

Not since Wimbledon and Match Point came out in the early 2000s has Hollywood attempted a blockbuster tennis movie. It’s about time, and this time, with Battle of the Sexes, it looks like they did it right! Starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrell, both extremely likeable stars, the films covers the infamous exhibition match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs […]

Tennis Tips: How To Hit Angle Volleys

Improve the sharp angle of your volleys easily with this one movement! In the video above PlayYourCourt founder and elite pro Scott Baxter helps you work on your angle volleys. The idea behind the movement is that the racket face your strings, wherever they move is where the ball is going to go. Want to […]

Why Your Kids Will Still Be Playing Tennis 20 Years From Now

Guest Blog Post By: Julian, When compared to sports such as football, baseball, and soccer, there’s something unique about tennis. Tennis players often have some of the longest careers of any sport! That’s why many people say tennis is a lifelong sport. Whether you’re 6 or 60, you can get out on the court […]

Win a Luxury Getaway To New York City For Two

PlayYourCourt, along with partners Tennis Now, Tennis Express, Grand Slam Tennis Tours, and Essential Tennis, is thrilled to announce The Ultimate NYC Experience For Two Sweepstakes. Travel lovers are invited to enter into the sweepstakes for the chance to win the grand prize for two: roundtrip airfare to New York City this Labor Day weekend, three […]