How to Find Beginner Tennis Players and Lessons Near You

If you are a beginner tennis player and are ready to play with others, you’ll want to have a network of other beginner tennis partners near you. Here are some tips and ideas to help you find some newbie tennis pals.


  1. Consider Taking Beginner Tennis Lessons. If you are ready to play more tennis, practice is the key to making sure you start off on the right foot. Why not find a beginners tennis coach who will set you up for success out of the gate, and build on the skills you already have?
  2. Join a Beginner Tennis League. Do you live in a metro area that is big enough to support a thriving tennis league? One way to find out “is there a beginners tennis league near me” is to put out feelers. You can try, or for an instant view into other beginner tennis players your area, join the Play Your Court Tennis Community.
  3. Seek out Local Tennis Communities. On your local court there are probably new players just like you who can show up to volley. See if your local court will let you hang a flyer, or if there is a web page for the court you may be able to check there. Also try to find the court on Facebook, and post on the page that you are seeking beginner tennis partners.
  4. Teach your friends the basics.  Why not try to get your current friends hooked on tennis? They will appreciate you teaching them, and you all can make a weekly standing date / time to get together. Bonus: Beers or pizza after for your new beginner tennis crew.

Beginners Tennis

Finding tennis partners when you are new to tennis can be a challenge, and we hope you found this guide helpful. To start connecting with tennis players near you, visit our Tennis League Community. 

Play Your Court is here for all your tennis needs. If you are seeking beginner tennis lessons or ready to find beginner tennis partners, PlayYourCourt is here for you.

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