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Introduction: Welcome to Doubles Movement Mastery

Your coach, Scott Baxter, welcomes you to the Doubles Movement Mastery Course.

Module 1: Yes, You Can Stand There

In the first module we’re going to myth-bust a common serve positioning misconception.

Module 2: Returning Serve

In module two we quickly go over some important guidelines for positioning on return of serve.

Module 3: Stop Hugging the Line

In module three we go over the #1 positioning mistake that rec players make when their partner is serving.

Module 4: Don’t Forget About The Middle

In module four we identify a simple positioning adjustment when your partner is returning that will keep you in the point longer.

Module 5: Follow The Ball

In module five, you learn the one simple rule to ensure you are always moving correctly at the net.

Module 6: The Sneaky Poach

In module six, we teach you the secret to a successful poach.

Module 7: Moving Together As A Team

In module seven we go over how to move together as a team and force your opponents to make more mistakes.

Module 8: Whose Ball Is That?

In module eight we correct a common misconception about that confusing ball through the middle of the court.

Module 9: How To Cover The Lob

In module nine we show you how easy it is to cover the lob, even if you’re slower than the average player.

Module 10: How To Anticipate Overheads

In module ten we go over how to anticipate overheads and play better defense.

Module 11: Don’t Run Away

In our final module, we teach you an alternative to retreating when someone is about to hit an overhead at you at the net.