PlayYourCourt Announces A New Partnership With ACEing Austim

PlayYourCourt Announces A New Partnership With ACEing AustimPlayYourCourt is supporting tennis nonprofit ACEing Autism with a portion from EVERY lesson sale going toward helping children with autism spectrum disorders learn tennis.

Tennis is making a huge social impact within communities across America, driven by ACEing Autism, whose mission is to connect children through tennis.

ACEing Autism is proud to announce a new partnership that allows ACEing Autism to continue to introduce tennis into more children lives impacted with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) with the help of PlayYourCourt.

PlayYourCourt’s mission is to make the sport of tennis more accessible and they believe that mission shouldn’t stop short of children with autism spectrum disorders. The partnership allows PlayYourCourt to continue to grow the sport of tennis and make it more accessible to a demographic that they believe benefits from it the most.

ACEing Autism is a nonprofit organization that brings specialized recreational tennis programs to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in communities throughout the United States.

While many children with ASD received traditional therapies, there is a desperate need for recreational opportunities and activities for these children. Many special needs recreational programs have a hard time serving the spectrum of the Autism community as the variety of cognitive, social and physical abilities and severity of symptoms is so different from that of most other special needs groups. ACEing Autism’s specially designed tennis program benefits children on the Autism spectrum in many domains including, social skills, fitness, hand-eye coordination, improved motor skills and of course teaching tennis skills.

PlayYourCourt will be showing their support for ACEing Autism on a daily basis. They have made it part of their ongoing mission to donate a portion of every lesson sale directly to ACEing Autism.

Scott Baxter, PlayYourCourts CEO & Founder says, “We could not be more excited to partner up with ACEing Autism.  It has always been our mission to make the sport of tennis more accessible and ACEing Autism has given us an incredible opportunity to take this mission one step further.”

On top of this daily mission to make tennis more accessible to children with ASDs and their peers, PlayYourCourt will engage and educate their network on ACEing Autism’s mission as well as run additional fundraising campaigns to coincide and promote upcoming ACEing Autism events. It is PlayYourCourt’s intention to make a major impact on the short term and long term growth of ACEing Autism through this partnership.

We are delighted to align ACEing Autism with PlayYourCourt, who share so many of our values, and we are grateful as to the significant impact this partnership will have on increasing the number of children we can connect using tennis within more communities across America. Richard Spurling, CEO & Founder of ACEing Autism.

PlayYourCourt is the latest company to show a corporate social responsibility within the community and joins Tennis Channel, Image Cube, PECS, and HEAD PENN as ACEing Autism’s corporate sponsors.

How can you participate? Search for a coach near you by entering your zipcode below or visit to book a lesson on your local court. A portion of every sale supports ACEing Autism.

July 21-26: We’ll be donating 10% of all profits AND we’ll match the donations made on the checkout page


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