The 5 Best Places for Tennis Lessons in San Francisco

San Francisco provides plenty of amazing public centres that tennis lovers can use to play the game. Generally, the city has around 152 public courts distributed across various neighborhoods, including recreation & park destinations that have tennis amenities also. Below are some of the Top 5 places for tennis lessons in San Francisco:


  1. Golden Gate Park Tennis 
    Golden Gate Park has the largest public tennis facility in San Francisco, as it consists of a total of 21 courts that are open everyday from 9am to 5pm. The GGPTC or Golden Gate Park Tennis Complex is located towards the east side of the park, along the Middle Drive East and John F. Kennedy Drive. If you want to visit for tennis lessons, note that you should first check in at the director’s office to confirm your presence and claim the court space. Weekend play is provided on a first come-first serve basis with no advanced phone-call or email reservations required for players.
  2. Balboa Park Tennis Courts
    Balboa Park is also sometimes referred to as Cayuga or Ingleside by the residents of San Francisco. This public facility is located at San Jose Ave. which is just a short distance north of Ocean Avenue. Inside the park, there are several tennis courts, a public swimming pool, kid’s playground and even a police station to provide security for visitors. The 4 regulation-sized tennis courts are elegant and provide players with a unique opportunity to train in peace, surrounded by the park’s pristine environment. Likewise, there are plenty of restrooms and drinking fountains within the park where you can refresh and cool off after a hard day of tennis lessons.
  3. Parkside Square Tennis Courts
    This facility is located towards the southern end of the city and features an indoor swimming pool and multiple tennis courts, among other amenities. It’s a great place for tennis lessons if you prefer not to drive, as there’s a BART station nearby that serves the entire San Francisco Bay area. Another advantage of Parkside Square is that it lies close to San Francisco City College, which has a total of 8 tennis courts that you can take lessons at, even though the college teams have priority.
  4. Alamo Square Park
    Alamo is a serene public recreational area that’s often visited by San Francisco neighbors, dog owners and tourists. The park is family-friendly and perfect for tennis lessons, considering that it has well-maintained tennis courts and also an awesome playground for children.
    The park is ideal for nature-lovers who want to play tennis in a peaceful and green environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, the surrounding neighborhood is marked by beautiful Victorian architecture that has largely been left untouched.
  5. Buena Vista Park 
    Buena Vista Park is the oldest in the city and considered by many tennis lovers as a ‘hidden gem’. The area features beautiful historic paths, lush green surroundings and fairy sunsets that make it a really cool place for tennis lessons. It also has 2 tennis courts that are open from 5 am till midnight, giving players plenty of time to train no matter their daily schedule. Even if you’re busy during the morning, you can still visit the tennis courts in the evening after work to train with your instructor till late. There’s ample security throughout the park for all visitors.san Francisco tennis

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