The Top 5 places for Tennis Lessons in Philadelphia

Very few cities in America can beat Philadelphia when it comes to public tennis courts and parks, as the metropolis is estimated to have more than 36 tennis centers! Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor facility for tennis lessons, Philadelphia is sure to have a court close by. Here are some of the top 5 places for tennis lessons in Philly.

  1. LaSalle University Tennis Courts

    Found along Philadelphia’s 20th Street, the La Salle tennis courts are open to all residents of the surrounding community. The facility consists of 6 tiered and lighted courts that cater to both junior and senior players. Moreover, since they are located within the university grounds, these outdoor tennis courts are safe to play at even during the night. Similarly, the center has both men’s and women’s locker-rooms where players can relax and refresh after a hard day of tennis lessons.

  2. Schuylkill River Park

    Schuylkill River Park is a large recreational area that borders 25th Street and the beautiful Schuylkill River. The center is equipped with 12 hard tennis courts where players can take a variety of tennis lessons for both adults and kids. Schuylkill River Park offers more than just tennis, there are also facilities for other sports such as basketball, street hockey and bike polo. The well-manicured lawns that also provide an amazing spot for picnicking and unwinding with your family.

  3. Fairmont Park

    Fairmont is one of the largest urban green parks in Philadelphia, consisting of approximately 9200 acres of woodlands, trails and wetlands. The place offers a tranquil refuge for those who want to escape from the bustling city below, plus its quiet natural landscapes also make the park and ideal destination for tennis players who want to train in peace. Fairmont Park consists of 12 outdoor tennis courts suitable for people of all ages, there are also facilities for other activities such as horseback riding along wilderness trails, off-road cycling and hiking.

  4. Penn Tennis Center

    Located in Pennsylvania Campus, the Penn Tennis Center is an advanced sports facility that provides tennis players with a total of 8 indoor courts open daily. These glare-free Devoe lighted courts are fitted with Plexi Pave surfaces, as well as air conditioning to improve your comfort levels during lessons. There’s also a spacious observation deck overlooking the front 4 courts, as well as several shower and locker facilities where players can unwind after their training sessions.

  5. Spruce Street Harbor Park

    Recognized by the National Press as one of the most beautiful places to tour in Philadelphia, Spruce Street Harbor Park tennis area features several attractions such as floating gardens, colorful hammocks, refreshing local beer and dazzling lights. However, it also hides some of the best tennis courts in the city that locals can use to train at. These state-of-the-art facilities are made from durable material and are suitable for playing no matter the weather.

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