Top 5 Places for Orlando Tennis Lessons

The game of tennis is quickly gaining popularity in Orlando, FL where many residents love to play. There are many tennis courts spread across the city where you can train. Many facilities are well-kept and easy to access no matter where you live in Orlando. Some of them are free to use for tennis lessons.

Below are the top 5 places for tennis lessons in Orlando:

  1. Gaitlin Park

    Gaitlin Park is a clean and nicely maintained recreation center located along 2009 Lake Margaret Dr Orlando. It consists of 4 outdoor tennis courts that are in perfect condition for lessons and open to players of all ages. The courts also have a shade area where you can relax to catch your breath after a rigorous session. Apart from tennis, there are various other fun activities that you can enjoy at Gaitlin Park including  facilities for swimming, basketball and picnicking.

  2. Delaney Park

    Found at 1055 Delaney Ave Orlando, Delaney is a great neighborhood park with plenty of tree cover and greenery for visitors to enjoy. The center has 2 tennis hardcourts that are open for training throughout the week. These facilities are well-kept and were just recently renovated with new nets and a paved sidewalk. Furthermore, water fountains have been installed next to the courts. Delaney’s combination of a calm atmosphere and close proximity to Orlando’s downtown area make it one of the best public parks in the region. After your lessons, you can head over to the city nearby for  food or to catch a bus back home.

  3. P Phillips Community Park

    The P Phillips Community Park is found at 8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd, Orlando. It consists of 2 tennis hardcourts surrounded by a beautiful lake nearby that offers a magnificent view for players. Additionally, the courts have sufficient shade to protect you from the sun. There’s sufficient fencing at the tennis facilities to provide you with privacy when taking your lessons.You will find benches to sit on during your training breaks or even to place your various tennis gear. This park is not only perfect for tennis but also for other fun activities such as fishing by the lake.

  4. Blanchard Park

    Blanchard Park along 2451 N Dean Rd. Ste 200 in Orlando offers visitors some of the best attractions in the city. The center has various facilities to cater to each visitor’s needs, including cycling trails, playground for kids and 4 tennis courts for tennis games and lessons. The courts are in good condition and located next to the bathrooms, where you can take a quick shower before heading home after your training. In addition, the staff are reported to be polite and friendly.

  5. Oak Street Park Community Center

    Oak Street is a lovely community park located along 717 N Palm Ave Orlando. The facility consists of 2 fenced tennis courts that are open daily to members of the public, plus they are lighted and allow you to train safely at night if you wish. Moreover, the management allows players to make special reservations if they want to train at the courts without being disturbed by other park users. Apart from tennis facilities, Oak Street also has a beautiful lake that you’ll enjoy with various wildlife species such as birds and turtles.

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