Top 5 Places for Tennis Lessons in Miami, FL

For many years, Miami has been a global center of tennis thanks in part to the Miami Open. The city’s warm and sunny climate makes it a favorable location for those who not only want to play tennis but also train with a tennis coach. It has tons of parks and recreational centers with tennis facilities that you can use for free, including convenient parking spaces for those who want to visit the public facilities with their families or groups.

Here are the top 5 places for tennis lessons in Miami:

  1. Kirk Munroe Park

    Kirk Munroe is found at the heart of Coconut Grove and consists of 5 tennis courts that are well-maintained and adequately lit for night play. There’s also a hitting-wall next to the courts where you can warm up before your training. Usually, players are allowed to use the facilities for 1hr at a time. Kirk Munroe is a great place for having tennis lessons as it has clean courts, ample shade areas and convenient parking. Furthermore, just one block away from the park there are several restaurants where you can catch a bite after your training, including Starbucks, Harry’s Pizza and Sand Bar.

  2. Sweetwater Park

    This cool park is located at 418-468 SW 106th Ave Miami, just across the street from Sweetwater Elementary. The facility consists of several tennis courts that were recently repainted and fixed, they are currently in top shape and ready for use by the public. The nets are also in great condition with adequate lighting provided at night for no charge. Additionally, there’s a kids’ playground at the park where your children can participate in various fun activities as you train with your tennis coach.

  3. Shenandoah Park

    Conveniently situated in Miami’s central area along 1800 SW 21st Ave, Shenandoah Park is a gem for tennis players who want to train in serenity, comfort and security. The park has 4 new tennis courts that are absolutely free to play on, plus they are very clean and well kept. There are also hitting walls that you can use for solo moves that your tennis coach may recommend. One of the best things about this park is that it’s very easy to locate no matter where you are coming from within Miami, plus you’ll get plenty of parking space in the surrounding streets.

  4. Margret Pace Recreation Center

    This magnificent facility is the perfect place to unwind in Miami, and the park is big with lots of amenities for outdoor activities. It contains 2 medium-size tennis hardcourts with a convenient seating area for resting during your tennis lessons. For those who’d like to enjoy other extracurricular activities, the park also plays host to a dog park, mini gym, walking/running track and a basketball court. You can also enjoy BBQ with your family at the lush lawns of the park.

  5. Tropical Park

    This expansive park is located at 7900 SW 40th St Miami and has a lot to offer for tennis players. There are 12 lighted courts at the facility available for training, with sufficient privacy since the courts are fenced off from other sections of the park. Ideally situated right off the Palmetto, it’s very easy to find if you’re coming in by car plus there’s plenty of parking space for all of your tennis partners.

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