Mardy Fish Set to Retire After US Open

Mardy Fish to Retire After US Open

mardy fish to retire after us open

Long time American #1 Mardy Fish just announced on Twitter that this year’s US Open will be his last professional tennis tournament. We will miss you, Mardy, thanks for the memories!

Even Pretending To Be A Professional Tennis Player Is Terrifying

“Based on my experience covering tennis, professional players usually remember to bring their tennis shoes to the court. On a June Thursday, as I walked into Courbevoie Sport Tennis outside of Paris, I realized I hadn’t.”
This article on depicted Mojjo software, a camera that follows your match and records statistics. It’s definitely new software, as it still has its fair share of kinks and issues.
“I decided to check the stats for myself. I used a system developed by Jeff Sackmann for his Match Charting Project, which has enlisted volunteers to chart nearly 1,000 pro matches. During my Eurostar trip from Paris back home to London, I alt-tabbed between the video and the spreadsheet to log every shot — its type, direction and outcome.1 Then I compared the results with Mojjo’s. They were off, in some cases by a lot.”

Federer Builds 50 New Preschools in Africa, Hugged by Kids on First Visit

Dimitrov and Sharapova Split

‘Our paths split,’ Grigor, currently number 16 in the ATP rankings, revealed to Bulgarian media. ‘We experienced wonderful moments together.
Grigor, after the split, has spoken about focusing on the game more, which makes sense now that he has a new coach as well.
“‘I wish her much happiness and success in life and in tennis. Now I’m concentrated entirely on the game and I’m sure the results will soon be seen… This is the summer of the new beginning for me.”

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