Raonic Challenges Jimmy Fallon to Lip Sync Contest

Milos Raonic is often referred to as a “machine” for his lack of emotion on court… BUT, would a machine challenge one of the world’s most well-known entertainers to a lip sync battle? We think not. In all reality I can’t imagine Fallon inviting Milos on his show, but we can dream. Good for Raonic, but our money is on Jimmy…

milos raonic lip sync

Raonic Challenges Fallon

Raonic Challenges Jimmy Fallon to the ultimate test of ability:   A lip sync contest.  I’d like to see it!

Serena Hanging Out

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In case you needed more proof that Serena was an all around athlete, here’s her from earlier in the week just “hanging out.”

Intense point between Verdasco and Nadal

Nadal has had quite the tournament this week.  While he clinched the win in the end, he was definitely challenged by Verdasco.  Here’s one of the best points of the match.

Drama between Nadal and Fognini

Fognini is known for two things:  his flashiness on the court, and his hotheadedness.  Here’s a little bit of conflict between him and Nadal in the finals of the Hamburg Open..


Stan is back to Work!

Good week of practice with Magnus! Working hard to be back! See you all in Montreal. Grosse semaine d’entrainement avec Magnus! Je travaille dur pour être de retour en forme. On se donne rendez vous à Montréal.

Posted by Stan Wawrinka on Saturday, August 1, 2015

This clip was posted on Facebook of Stan the Man practicing for clay.  His powerful groundstrokes are really something to behold. We can’t wait to see him at the US Open to continue his quest for more majors!

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