17 Problem Only A Fitness Nut Will Understand

You work out, and everyone who follows you on Instagram, or has ever spoken to you knows it. But that doesn’t mean they understand! There are some things that only a fitness nut will understand. Here are our favorites:


1. Workout gear makes up half your wardrobe and all of your Christmas list

“I know I have twenty pairs of workout shorts, but have you seen the new ones Nike just came out with? Have to have them!”


2. Cravings

You’re disciplined, but that doesn’t mean you don’t stare longingly at anyone eating a donut…


3. Forgetting leg day

leg day



4. The delicious quenching protein of a recovery shake

recovery shake women

You simply cannot understand how people think protein shakes are gross!

5. Vain gym-goers constantly checking themselves out

You still don’t look that good. Also you look the same as when you checked yourself out and flipped your hair in the mirror FIVE SECONDS AGO! #smh


6. Resisting the temptation to correct people’s bad form

“You’re doing it wrong” simply doesn’t do THAT justice…


7. Being so sore you can barely get out of bed

But this only happens to you on days that end in “Y”


8. Trying to explain to mere mortals that one hour in the gym a day is simply NOT enough


One hour is a warm-up, not a workout.


9. Forgetting your sweat towel

Please ignore the fact that Niagara Falls is running down my face right now.


10. When some jerk won’t get off the machine you want to use

You know you’re not the only one in the gym, right?!


11. The unnerving feeling that someone nearby is creeping on you


12. Meatheads/showoffs

We get it, dude. You work out.


13. When the gym is closed on Christmas

17 problems only a fitness nut will understand

Just because it’s Jesus’ birthday doesn’t mean you don’t need to get your WOD in.


14. When your gym partner is out of town

But, but… who is going to spot you?!?! 🙁


15. When people don’t re-rack their weights or wipe down their machines

Come on, guys. This is day 1 stuff.


16. Forgetting your headphones at home

How can you work out without your pump-up jams?? When you make this rookie mistake you contemplate driving all the way home to get them rather than do an entire workout without them.


17. The dreaded (and beloved) foam roller


Your best friend, and your worst enemy. It hurts so gooooood.

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