3 Ways To Find Affordable Tennis Lessons

affordable tennis lessons

Hey guys, my name is Ren. I work for PlayYourCourt and I am a lifelong tennis nut.

Since you asked, here’s a bit more about me…

I was fortunate enough to play from a very young age and thirty years later, it is my passion to help bring the game to more people. I speak to people every day about tennis, and no matter their background, their ability, or their goals, everyone is looking to find more affordable, better tennis lessons.

Since I would humbly consider myself an expert in this field, I want to share the best ways to find the highest quality, most affordable, convenient tennis lessons.

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I would be remiss to not shamelessly plug our phenomenal business, PlayYourCourt.com, first. However, it’s not selfish, because it’s just fact. PlayYourCourt has helped over 25,000 tennis players find the perfect coach for their goals all over the country. That number is increasing every single day. So without further ado…

affordable tennis lessons

1. Use PlayYourCourt.com because it’s more affordable and more convenient than clubs.

For those of you who have not heard of PYC yet, it is sort of like the Lyft for tennis lessons. We are a mobile tennis lesson service with a network of over 1,000 top-rated certified teaching pros nationwide. You can book lessons with a coach over the phone or right on the website, and then you will work with your coach directly to schedule the lessons at a convenient time and location for you.

We work best for students who:

– Want to take tennis lessons at the court closest to them.

– Have a hectic schedule and need the coach to work around it.

– Want lessons from top-rated local coaches at discounted prices.

Do you have a court across the street from your house? Our coaches will come teach you there.

Are you so busy that you can only take a lesson on Sunday mornings at 6 am? We have a coach for that.

tennis coach

We have incredible coaches, and here is how we know…

I am regularly asked, how do you know your coaches are the best? Well, each pro applies, is interviewed personally by our CEO, and then is constantly rated by their customers. Only a fraction of the pros who apply make the cut, and all feedback from previous customers can be seen right on their profile. No secrets, no surprises.

And if you don’t love your coach? Our coaches are the best so it doesn’t happen often, but your purchase is protected by a satisfaction guarantee, so if we can’t find you a coach you love, we will refund your money.

I really do think PlayYourCourt is perfect for all tennis players. Busy parents, children who have never played before, or high-level competitive players looking to get an edge before an upcoming tournament, and every player in between.

OK, so I am getting a little long-winded here… but you get the point, PlayYourCourt.com is making tennis lessons more convenient and affordable.

But there are a couple other great options…

Now I understand that private lessons, no matter how convenient, just may not be for everyone. I have taken every type of tennis lesson over the years. While nothing will compare to a one-on-one private lesson, there are lots of great community tennis options that are wonderful outlets for all types of players as well.

2. Don’t ignore your local Parks & Rec department.

For a young child learning for the first time, look no further than your local Parks and Recreation Department. They typically offer group tennis lessons for kids for very cheap, or sometimes even free. Your child will have a great time, but be sure to temper your expectations as these programs are less about technique and really learning the game as they are about getting kids to have fun on the court.

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To find out about classes at your Parks department the best route is to head to your city’s website and navigate to Parks & Rec. There you should find a list of everything they offer, including tennis classes.

3. And your local USTA chapter, especially for adults.

For adults of all levels, the USTA is a very nice outlet to improve your tennis game. For a nominal yearly fee, you will get access to all sorts of USTA programming. They run regular leagues and clinics, as well as tournaments for players of all ages. While there may not be as big of an emphasis on instruction with the USTA, it is a wonderful organization helping to promote the growth of the game.

Not sure if you have a USTA chapter near you? Head to the USTA website and search for your city and you’ll find all sorts of helpful directions and information.

But really…we’re awesome 🙂

There are so many great ways to get out on the court and improve your tennis game. Any day spent on the tennis court is a good one, that much I am sure of.

But if you are serious, or serious about your child improving their game, then there is no better option than PYC. Visit PlayYourCourt.com, enter in your zip code, and choose the best coach for your game. It’ll be the best tennis decision you’ve ever made.

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