5 Tennis Legends I’d Want at my Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and that got us thinking… if you could have any 5 tennis legends join you for the best meal of the year, who would they be? Past or present, living or dead, here are our picks.


Arthur Ashe

He is one of the great legends in the game. He was a pioneer for African American athletes on the international sporting stage, an early spokesman for HIV/AIDS awareness, and an all-around humanitarian. Not to mention, he was an incredible champion, winning 3 Grand Slams, 35 titles and peaking at #2 in the world. No question, he would be the most interesting person at the table.


Andre Agassi/ Steffi Graf

It would be impossible to include only one of tennis’ most powerful couple at our Thanksgiving table. Agassi, one of the most flamboyant players of all time, would be a hit at any table. But, to include his wife, one of the most decorated female players in the history of the game? Now that would be a home run. They have done incredible things individually, and amazing things together. It would also be fun to find out just how talented their kids are on the tennis court. If there was ever anyone with the right genes to copy Steffi’s golden slam, they have to lie in one of those kids…

Billie Jean King

It would be impossible to leave Billie off the list. With 39 Grand Slam titles on her resume, and her incredible biography outside of tennis, it would be too easy to just listen to her for the whole meal!

Roger Federer

This list would be incomplete without some representation by the current top players. Federer, the greatest of all time, and the captain of cool is a no-brainer. He always look so approachable during his interviews, and I would love to see if that’s true in real life. After all, minus the difference of all the zeros in our bank accounts, he seems like he could be anyone’s buddy!

Serena Williams

How could we not include Serena on this list? If we can be greedy, we would love to include Venus as well.  Her story is so incredible, and her dominance so otherworldly, I can only imagine the stories that she would be able to contribute to this meal.


Fun questions to stimulate conversation:

  • Who was your least favorite person on tour?
  • What is the funniest locker room story from your career?
  • What was your most embarrassing moment on court?
  • If you hadn’t been a tennis player, what would you have done with your life?


This is a fun thing to think about. We can all dream, can’t we? Which tennis legends would you want to share Thanksgiving dinner with? Let us know in the comments section.



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