5 Things You May Not Know About Andy Murray

You know the two-time Major champion, but here are some lesser known facts about Andy Murray.



1. His manager also used to manage the Spice Girls

Andy has been called a prima-donna before, but his manager is likely to scoff at that allegation after managing the international superstar girl band!


2. He doesn’t drink

When he was 16, he had a night drinking out on the town in Barcelona that led to him getting sick and feeling very ashamed. He said his hangover “from hell” lasted nearly two days and he just wasn’t willing to jeopardize his future in tennis. He hasn’t drank since.


3. He bought a Ferrari with his new-found money and fame, but sold it shortly after


He loved the idea of it, but after driving around, realized that it was far too flashy for his taste. Also, he realized driving a car that powerful was probably a bad idea considering he bought it only five months after getting his license.


4. He has no nail on his left hand ring finger

He beat his older brother Jamie for the first time when he was 10 years old. He taunted his brother about it so much that he smashed his fist down on Andy’s hand. To this day there is a dent on his finger, and he has not been able to grow a nail since.


5. He is a big fan of rap music

He lists some of his favorites as Eminem, the Black Eyed Peas, and 50 Cent.




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