5 Things You May Not Know About Roger Federer

1. He once held serve in a ridiculous 47 seconds

And he did it against arguably the best returner in the history of tennis, world #1 Novak Djokovic, at the 2014 Shanghai Open. He served 4 aces, and only took 47 seconds, including time between points. Rafa Nadal, for perspective, is known for taking upwards of 25 seconds in between points. Wow!


2. In 2011 he was voted the second most admired, respected and trusted man in the world…

…behind only Nelson Mandela. That’s some pretty lofty company.


3. He has a pet cow named Juliette


It was a present after his first Wimbledon title. What to give a man who is about to take over the tennis world? A cow, apparently.


4. He’s has dual citiizenship

Because his mother is South African, he also has South African citizenship


5. He once went 105 points without an unforced error

He did it against John Isner at the US Open. That is UNHEARD OF! I can barely go a game without an unforced error!


Bonus Fact: Roger Federer was a vegetarian until he was 14

Now he says he will eat whatever is near him…



One thought on “5 Things You May Not Know About Roger Federer”

  1. Roger is always my guy ,but him look afraid milking the cow the way he hold the nipple .
    I didn’t know is mother was South AFrican so where is father from .hope they both have
    a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 20/16 stay strong.

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