5 Things You May Not Know About Stan Wawrinka


#1 He legally changed his name in 2014

Wonder why you haven’t heard him called Stanislas in a while? That’s because he changed his name to the shortened “Stan” in 2014. With everyone already calling him that, he thought it would simplify name cards, press conferences, and everything, really. Also, “Stanislas the Man” doesn’t fit very well on a tee shirt.

#2 He may be more famous for his shorts than his Grand Slam titles

The shorts he wore at the French Open in 2015 went completely viral, and the internet, whether love or hate, was abuzz. For people that didn’t know him from his first Grand Slam victory, they likely heard about him for the shorts… right before he won his second Slam title wearing the loud design.


#3 He is an Olympic champion

He captured the gold medal at the Beijing games with fellow countryman and friend, Roger Federer. At the time he may have lived in Roger’s shadow, but perhaps that was one of the keys to taking his career to the next level.

#4 His sportsmanship is to be admired

After famously beating Djokovic in the French Open final after the match of his life, he embraced his friend at the net. Upon returning from the locker room before the trophy presentation, knowing Djokovic was gutted, he first went over to his bench and hugged him again. That’s class that even Roger Federer would struggle to compete with.


#5 The Nick Kygrios controversy was not the first publicized look into his private life

Wawrinka split with his wife, with who he has a child with, in 2011. He claimed it was to, “Focus on his tennis.” Later, his now ex-wife, came out with a scathing statement ripping the media, and Stan, saying he was a poor husband and father, and the split had nothing to do with the dip in his game.



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