Are you PLAYING with the right RACQUET?

Today we show you how to select the right tennis racquet for your game. This video is for all skill levels.

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Here’s a transcription below for those who like to read ????:

– Hey guys, Scott from and today we’re gonna show you how to choose a racquet that’s right for you. So today we’re talking about how to choose the right racquet for your game. And I want you to think about maybe the last time you’ve played and noticed on the court next to you, a little old man, that’s maybe 90 pounds, soaking wet. With a big racquet. He tosses the ball up, makes contact with his serve. And the ball comes in at 95 miles an hour, and you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh, how can this little guy, hit such a big serve?”. And this is a lot of what we’re talking about today, how different racquets can have an impact on your game. So, let’s first address the little old man I just told you in my story. So, what’s going on there is, most older players that need some help from their racquet, are gonna have a racquet that’s very head heavy. And when I say, “head heavy” what I mean is, if you’re to take your finger and put it on the throat of your racquet, you would notice the weight of your racquet is all in the head. Alright. What this does, in this little old man situation, or example that I gave you, when he goes and swings at the ball, the second that racquet makes its way overtop, the weight of the top of the racquet is gonna follow through for him and give him all that power on his serve. So all he’s gotta do is get that racquet moving and then the weight of the head is gonna do all of the work for him. Alright? So when you’re shopping for racquets, I recommend Tennis Express they’re a great brand, they’ll ship you some demos. And I do recommend, absolutely, that you demo some of these racquets. But when you’re shopping online, looking for a racquet that’s right for you, you’re gonna notice a measurement called “head light”. And “head light” versus head heavy is what we’re talking about here, alright? Head heavy is what that little old man had that made that racquet do all of the work for him and add a bunch of power. “Head light” is gonna be more of a player’s racquet or somebody that’s got a bigger or longer stroke. Andthere ares some guidelines that I want you to follow when you’re thinking about what racquet to purchase here. And the first one is what we just addressed. If you’ve got a bigger, longer stroke, you don’t need, a racquet that’s got that much weight, in the head. You’re gonna want, in general, a heavier racquet, with more of that weight in the handle. Because your longer, bigger stroke, is gonna generate a lot of that power for you. If you’ve got shorter, more compact, maybe some older school strokes, or maybe you’re a little bit older and you just feel like you don’t have a big loop and a long stroke, you might need a racquet that’s overall lighter, but with a lot of that weight in the head. So that the racquet, as you swing will do more of the work for you and add some power. So another guideline you wanna look for and pay attention to when you’re shopping for racquets is, how big the racquet face is. When the racquet face is bigger, when we’re talking 105 to 115 square inches. It’s typically gonna be a lighter racquet in general, and one of those racquets that’s more head heavy and generates that power for you. If you’ve got a smaller head size, you know 97 square inches and below, these are usually more for higher level players. And you’re gonna see more often, some weight in the handle of the racquet, these are gonna be your handle heavy racquets that don’t generate a lot of power for you. So keep that in mind. You can find a racquet as light as nine ounces, as heavy as 12 ounces. But anything over about 11 ounces is usually gonna be more handle heavy and designed for players that are more comfortable with generating their own power. So you may be saying to yourself, “Scott, this is cool information, but how much does this really matter? You know, if I switch to a racquet that’s really dialed into my game, is this actually gonna make a big difference?” And the answer is, “Absolutely yes.” I’ve worked with a lot of students, that in the middle of a racquet switch, they started missing balls they normally made, just because the racquet was giving them a little bit more or a little bit less power, than they were used to. So take this seriously, when you’re shopping for a new racquet. Really demo a lot, again Tennis Express will ship you a box of demos that you can sort of check out before you have to commit. So, demo a couple of racquets, pay attention to these guidelines and make sure that you pick the racquet that’s perfect for your skill level. I hope you enjoyed this video and that it’ll help you choose a racquet that’s right for your game. 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