Best Tennis Apps- Some on Sale for Cyber Monday NOW!

In celebration of this upcoming Cyber Monday, we have picked out the best tennis apps that you should be using. The best part? Some of them are on sale NOW. Without further ado, here are the absolute best tennis apps!


Cyber Monday Deals

Ok so this isn’t actually a tennis app– but it’s a great way to find them! This Cyber Monday shopping app helps you navigate the biggest online shopping day of the year. It will break down where the best deals are for every type of app/website. It will ensure you don’t miss out on the best deals of the year!




Can’t get enough pro tennis? TennisTV allows you to catch all the action, even when it is not broadcast on TV. You can watch from all devices with their iPhone and Android Apps. All matches are broadcast in HD and ad-free. What’s better than that? The app is free and the subscription service fees are very reasonable.


My Tennis Stats


If you are struggling with your game and not sure why, this is your fix. This app tracks all facets of your game, from shot/serve placement, to errors, winners and double faults. It gives you an overview of your game, and simply highlights your weaknesses. There is no easier way to evaluate where you need to improve to win more matches. For only $9.99, it’s a steal!




This may be the best $2.99 any tennis player could ever spend. It’s so fun watching the pros and seeing how fast they serve. Now you can too! Simply set up your phone, turn on the app, and instantly see how hard you and your friends serve! Be careful, this may turn into a very addicting game in the quest for more power!




This app is genius! By tapping your phone on your strings, the app listens to the sound to give an accurate reading of your string tension. This is a very helpful tool to be able to tell when you need to re-string your racket. It also gives players potential insight into why their strings aren’t performing. On the other end of that, it will show you your perfect tension when you are playing your best.


ZEPP Tennis


This is easily one of the coolest tennis apps on the market. It works in symphony with the ZEPP tennis sensor. The sensor attaches to your racket to track and analyze all aspects of your game. It tracks your strokes and shows 3D images of your swing, and also your performance on the court. The app is free, and for Black Friday, the sensor is on SALE at


Babolat POP

best tennis apps

The Babolat POP sensor is similar to the ZEPP sensor except you wear it as a wristband. It tracks your performance on court and creates aggregate performance scores every time you take the court. The app is social as well, letting you share with your friends and compete for high scores! It is on sale for Black Friday at




ClipCoach is a revolutionary video analysis app for tennis players. No time for tennis lessons? No problem! Simply upload a video of your swing (or multiple different shots,) and within 48 hours, a world-class tennis coach will send back an in-depth analysis of your swing. The app is free and analyses are just a fraction of the cost of on-court tennis lessons! Plus ClipCoach cut its pricing for Cyber Monday, and it’s the world’s most perfect tennis stocking stuffer! Check out ClipCoach Video Analysis gift cards or download the app now.


Think we missed any of the best tennis apps out there? We would love to hear about them, let us know in the comments section!

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