Boris Becker and Roger Federer Drama Makes Headlines

Becker And Federer Share Some Drama

We got to see a little tiff between Becker and Federer after Becker made some comments about how Federer carries himself:

“The reason Roger is one of the highest-paid athletes of all time is because he’s liked by everybody. But think about this — you can’t possibly be liked by everybody,” Becker wrote in comments published by The Telegraph. “He makes good money out of his image, but would he make less if we saw a bit more of his true feelings?”

Federer’s response:

becker federer drama

Kyrgios Needs A Break

Kyrgios spoke earlier on how he wants to prepare for Wimbledon:

“Probably going to stay in my house for a couple of days and sleep, play computer games and chill out… Just not think about tennis, turn off all tennis channels, delete my ATP app and just not think about tennis for a week.”

We hope it works out, we’d love to see a strong performance at Wimbledon!

Andy Murray’s UNICEF Sketch

Andy Murray took part in a fun little sketch for UNICEF, helping in support of our Children in Danger Summer Disease Appeal.

He was also interviewed by Richard Ayoade about his participation.  It’s a funny interview, check it out!

Nadal Juggles Tennis Balls

We got to see a little bit of Nadal’s ability to juggle–with his feet.

Blog Post Of The Week

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Shot Of The Week

Federer definitely showed why he’s considered the best of all time with this incredible shot.


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