Eat With Reckless Abandon This Holiday Season

I go to Chipotle every single Monday, and I order a burrito that weighs in at over 1200 calories. Why do I do that? Well, I consider it my reward. You see, every Monday is pickup basketball night with my friends, and we head to Chipotle immediately after. It’s a fun tradition, and also not nearly as unhealthy as eating a burrito that massive without getting a good workout beforehand.

We always joke that we need to play at least four games in order to “earn our burritos.” And you know what, it works.

I’m not saying Chipotle is healthy, but pre-scheduling basketball allows me to look forward to my enormous burrito and feel no guilt when it’s time to chow down.

So why in the world am I telling you about my Monday burrito obsession?

The holidays are coming.


It might not sound that scary, but the average American gains over 10 pounds between November 25th and January 1st. I get it, the holidays are BUSY. Our normal routines are thrown off and whether you’re traveling, have family in town, or are stressing over your gift list…

You’re probably going to forget to exercise. UNLESS…

You pre-schedule it.

Let me help you.

I’m going to give you $30 to schedule some tennis lessons over the holiday season so you can eat like a king (or queen) with no remorse.

But, you’re not allowed to procrastinate, you’ve got to book them this week.

Click Here and get some calorie burning lessons on your schedule.

Join me in my burrito Monday routine and eat as much Turkey next week as you can, but pre-schedule some tennis lessons so you don’t feel guilty doing it!

If you’re traveling, we’ve got you covered.  We’re open nationwide and odds are we have a pro you and your family will enjoy, regardless of where you’re headed.

Happy hitting (and eating)!



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