These Game of Thrones Characters Look Like Famous Athletes!

Can’t wait for the next season of Game Of Thrones to start??

Us too! We miss it so hard we decided to spend days (yes, days) searching for the real-life famous athlete equivalent of all our favorite characters, and we found quite a few! Check it out – these Game Of Thrones characters look like famous athletes and IT IS AWESOME!


Ronda Rousey- Brienne of Tarth


With golden locks, imposing stature, and strength to make even the biggest man shake in his boots, Ronda Rousey and Brienne of Tarth have much in common. Perhaps Ronda could have used the suit of armor in her loss to Holly Holm 🙂

Tom Brady- Jaime Lannister


These two both sport chiseled jaw-lines and classic good looks, but their performance on the (battle)field is where their similarities really shine through. They are both fearless warriors with a shared hatred of defeat. After deflate-gate, Tom Brady  became as hated outside of New England as Jaime is outside of the Lannister family. It’s also common knowledge that Peyton Manning frequently refers to his nemesis Brady as the “Kingslayer”.

Maria Sharapova- Cersei Lannister


Cersei is the most powerful woman in all of Westeros. Sharapova is the most powerful female athlete in the world. After her suspension for PED use, she fell from the role of tennis’ princess, to tennnis’ most talked about villain. Oh yea, they also look like they could be twins. Coincidence? We think not.

Danny Willett- Theon Greyjoy


Ok so this is just ridiculous. Masters champion Danny Willett is actually Theon Greyjoy, right? Throw a little dirt on his face and let that hair grow out a little and they are absolute doppelgangers. Sidenote: wouldn’t you love to see Theon swinging a golf club? His swing would have to be as good as Willett’s or else it would just be awkward.

Conor McGregor- Tyrion Lannister


Both are short, feisty, and grow phenomenal beards. Tyrion is a little better at choosing his words carefully, but McGregor does a nice job of not being drunk all the time, so we think those differences just cancel each other out, right?

Roger Federer- Jon Snow


They both are handsome, experts with a weapon in their hand, and natural leaders. The only reason Jon Snow lacks the polish of Federer is the absence of running water, skilled tailors, and a Rolex sponsorship. Otherwise they are basically the same person. Whether formally trained or not, we’re pretty sure Federer is an excellent swordsman as well.


Caroline Wozniacki- Daenerys Targaryen


Both blonde, both beautiful, and both world travelers, the similarities don’t stop there. The Mother of Dragons’ life work is to help the oppressed and enslaved, and Caro is well known for her charitable work all over the world. Plus, she’s so wealthy it’s not totally unlikely that she has a pet dragon or too. I also heard a rumor that Wozniacki, in all of her athleticism, has also acted as a stunt double for Daenerys, but we’ve been told not to believe everything you read on the internet…


Kevin Stadler- Hodor


Admittedly, Kevin Stadler probably wouldn’t be too pleased with this comparison. Hey, at least he’s being compared to someone with a little more hair than he has 😉 Also, Hodor sacrificed himself for the greater good of the world – what more admirable comparison is there? Keep smiling, Kevin. Without your doppelganger’s sacrifice, there just might not be a next season of Game of Thrones!

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