3 thoughts on “How To Create Easy Serve Power”

  1. Many people drop their head on impact, its critical to keep the head still through impact so the weight transfers forward into the ball.

  2. Hi, I’m a tennis coach from the U.K.
    I get lots of emails, links of companies trying to sell videos/lesson plans etc.
    I normally watch them in hope of learning something or reminding me of something I may have forgotten or put aside.
    I found a link to your site on Pinterest and I just watched a few videos.
    Loving the relationship you guys have and like the clarity of info. Nice to watch as motivational reminders.

    I was just looking at the benefits to sign up for $60.
    Thought I’d ask if you have an special access for other coaches as it the video I like.
    Let me know. But great work.

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