How To Improve Feel On Your Volleys From Home!

Today we show you how to improve your volleys using the correct grip and imparting backspin. This video is for PlayYourCourt players of all levels.

It’s Nate from It is tip Tuesday. So today what we are talking about are the two L’s. We don’t want L’s on the tennis court, we want W’s. But in order to get those W’s, you’ve got to have a killer forehand and that starts with the two L’s. The two L’s.

Forehand Grip Position

What are we talking about? We’re talking about the grip position on the forehand. So from the ready position from a semi-western grip I’ve got the racket listed towards the backhand side and my elbows are bent. And as I initiate the unit turn, you’re going to be able to see the two L’s.

The first L is here and then the second L, is in this position as you can tell, as my arm is almost in that 90 degrees. This is important, because as we go through the unit turn through the swing path, we want this nondominant arm staying above the dominant arm, the hitting arm. So it starts in the two L’s. The arm may straighten out, but that arm stays above the hitting arm and then the shoulders and the hips can work together on that forehand.

Alright, so guys, use those shotter strokes. You can do it at home to improve that forehand. And stay tuned. We’ve got content coming every day of the week so you can keep improving your game from home. And be sure to check out the vault on the platform. Thousands of hours of instruction is now available, typically reserved for premium level membership, it’s now available for the entry level price of $5.99. Get in there and check it out. Guys, be well. Be safe. I’ll see you here soon.

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