5 Iconic Wimbledon Food and Drinks

Wimbledon is here. For most players and fans, it is the pinnacle of the tennis calendar. For those lucky enough to be there, they will take in incredible tennis at the most storied venue, and also get to enjoy dishes and drinks that are delicious, and so classically Wimbledon. For those who are not lucky enough to be there, this list will only serve to inspire added jealousy, but we couldn’t resist! Without further ado, here are the 5 most iconic Wimbledon Food and Drinks.


Strawberries and Cream


This is as classically Wimbledon as it gets. Bright, fresh strawberries served with a splash of cream. So simple. So delicious. So Wimbledon.


Pimm’s Cup


If you are looking for a refreshing drink with a little kick, look no further. The gin based drink is a blend of Pimm’s, lemonade (or lemon-lime soda) and fresh fruit. Over 80,000 are sold at Wimbledon each year!


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The other drink of choice at the All England Club needs no explanation. Fans go through over 25,000 bottles each year. Cheers to bubbles!


Afternoon Tea/Tea Sandwiches


When in Britain, do as the British do… and take afternoon tea! Afternoon tea includes hot tea, scones, and the best part: tea sandwiches. These tea sandwiches are light, fluffy and they keep well, so you can enjoy them over the course of a grueling five setter!


Fish and Chips


It’s true, most of the famed dishes and drinks at Wimbledon are delicate, fancy, and not very filling. Well, enter fish and chips. The ultimate classic British gut-bomb. Perhaps you have had one too many Pimm’s Cups, Champagnes, or Ales, and needed a quick nap on Mount Murray. Nothing will get you back on your feet like a hot basket of Fish and Chips. The Brits do it right, too. Light, flaky white fish and warm greasy “chips.” We’re hungry just thinking about it!



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