4 thoughts on “Add 15 MPH To Your Forehand With This Simple Fix”

  1. What if your racquet goes back so early that it becomes stationary while you wait for the ball and you lose racquet head speed?

    1. Hi Michael,
      You should be getting your racket back as soon as you realize which side the ball is coming to. If you take your racket back high (which is always taught nowadays), acceleration starts when the racket head drops therefore you won’t lose racket head speed. Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Michael – Funny coincidence, I have been playing for 50 yrs and I am accomplished club 5.0 and of course we all know the earlier we get the racquet the better. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t , I usually string my Wilson prostaff 52lbs. I finally decided to try to play with looser string 44lbs main and 46 crosses. For three weeks in trying to drill with looser strings I was ready to give up because I couldn’t keep the ball in and I was horribly inconsistent which is the backbone of my game. Until I forced myself to get the racquet back quicker ! Then POOF ! I was getting the ball in and I had more power – that was just yesterday that I figured it out and 12 hrs later I read your article- coincidence-Lol – Thanks for the tip, I will try it in 45 mins – Tom

  3. Thanks. Helpful. A video demonstration of the technique would also be helpful.

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