How Gravity Can Help Your Volleys

Hi, Scott Baxter from here and today I want to talk to you about how gravity can actually help your volleys. So let’s go ahead and get started.

Today we are going to talk about how gravity can actually help your volleys. If you are from planet earth like I am, you probably know that gravity helps pull the ball down. One of the biggest mistakes that I always see my players make is that they are trying to fight gravity when they are hitting volleys.

What I mean by this is if gravity is pulling down, and I am starting with my hands low, every time I have to move up to make a high volley, gravity is fighting against me. What is going on here is I am pulling my racket up, but gravity is pulling down. What I coach my players on is, try and keep your racket up, at least at head level where at least your strings are at your face, which also provides some protection which is a bonus.

If you keep your hands up, what you are going to find is there is no force fighting you to get balls that are at this level. Also, when you have to dip low, gravity is also going to help you get down. This seems pretty easy to understand, but the difficulty is to remember to do this after gravity helps get you down after a low volley. When you hit that first low volley and are pulled down, I see a lot of players come back here with that racket low again. Remember to bring that racket up to head level after each and every volley.

What you will find is, as you drop down low, gravity will help you, and then as you get it up high again for the next shot, there won’t be any force fighting against you. This will help you volley better all around and this is how gravity can help you volley.

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