10 Awesome Tennis Wedding Ideas

Love is in the air (and on the court)! Here are 10 awesome tennis wedding ideas!


This way your guests can cozy up too!! (get it?!)

Via: Total Wedding Koozies


When you really want to tell your spouse that you’re not just marrying them, you’re marrying tennis also.

Via: Pinterest


The perfect best man accoutrement to class up any suit!

Via: Wedding Bee


How to turn your seating chart into a championship! And the best part is that everyone gets champagne, so everyone is a winner!

Via: Martha Stuart Weddings


Speaking of champagne, we want this wedding or no wedding.

Via: Lanson Black


A wedding cake topper that says it all.

Via: Etsy


You’re invited to the tennis wedding of the century! Note the handmade net!

Via: Jewitup.com


The one tennis ball you’re allowed to smash into your partner’s face! (The others are on “accident”).

Via: The Vanilla Valley


We’re not saying you have to take it THAT far. But you could, and it would be amazing.

Via: The Laurel Gazette


Game. Set. Match. They win.

Via: Feather Love


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