What Type Of Tennis Player Are You?

Rafa laying a Tournament

Every tennis player has a style. Take 17 seconds to find out yours by answering these 7 questions.

31 thoughts on “What Type Of Tennis Player Are You?”

    1. And where’s Novak the best player ever played the game (even Bjorn Borg and his biggest nemesis Nadal, they say NOVAK is the best player of all time)!!!?

      1. What ever. He does not have the classy compassion like Roger & Rafa. Roger a true classy. gentleman on & off the courts. Rafa a warrior, super HUMAN BEING, caring, deep family love, respectful to all players and just a well grounded person. Roger & Rafa will always be loves, win or lose, on & off the courts. Period.

      2. No he is just the most flexible and can contort his body to get anything. He has worked hard to be healthy and it shows. But he can not make himself be a super humble and giving person like Rafa or gracious and kind like Roger. I’ll
        give him kudos for trying to be more likable in front of the public. I think he is just very determined to not be in their shadow anymore and that took away from him humanness. but he has been successful and a joy to watch. I wanted Rafa to win the French open after his comeback from injuries in 2015 but even I was heart broken for Novak when he lost again in the final after seeing his tears. He has heart.

  1. Where’s #1 here (170 + weeks #1) and with his all records, soon he’ll be #1 of all time?????

  2. I keep trying to remember to go to the net like Roger Federer does; forget in the heat of the game

  3. I used to be very agressive and competitive playing both singles and doubles. Now I enjoy the game, and competition does not matter that much.

  4. Try my best to be an all around player that can think on the court. Love king Rodger and dislike boring standing back at the fence ball machine kind of play like you know who.

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