IPTL– If You Aren’t Watching, You Should Be!

If you haven’t heard of the International Premier Tennis League, we don’t blame you, but you should! Modeled after the golden years of World Team Tennis in the 70s, the IPTL is a fantastic, family friendly team tennis series that takes place each fall in Asia. Started two years ago, it has already grown immensely, and features top talent in a very fun, fast paced format. With teams in India, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, it is a truly international competition. Teams feature current stars, as well as older veterans.


It starts with a draft in April, and features top talents like Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, and many more stars. Four matches are played in a round robin format, with each game counting for a point. If the total games ends in a tie, the tie is broken by a men’s singles 19 point tiebreaker. The matches are quick, fun and very competitive.

Why are we telling you this? The finals are this weekend in Singapore! The Indian Aces lead the standings right now, lead by Nadal, Monfils and Radwanska. They are being chased closely by the Singapore Slammers lead by Murray, Wawrinka and Belinda Bencic. Tune in to the Tennis Channel this weekend for some exciting tennis, and I guarantee you will be hooked for the 2016 season!



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