A Tennis Poem in Honor of National Dr. Seuss Day!

In honor of Dr. Seuss day, here is a little tennis poem about the hardships we all face on the court!


Why can’t I get this ball over the net?
The tennis ball bounces, my racket goes back,
And yet each time I swing,
I barely muster a smack!

What is my issue, is it too much to ask?
The net only stands forty-two inches tall,
But it causes me heartache,
It will be my downfall!

How do I get this ball up in the air?
Each ball hits the net, my opponent is bored,
But the harder I try,
My wish is ignored!

Will I make it this time, is now my chance?
I’ve done it at last, my dreams came true,
The yellow ball sails into the sky,
But I am still left feeling blue.

What happened this time?
I wonder aloud, what could have gone wrong,
My error was simple,
I hit it too long!

Why must this game be oh so cruel?
I look to the sky and for guidance I ask,
The gods offer one simple reply:
Improvement for you is no small task.

But how will I get this ball over the net?
I want to get better by my own accord,
And for now I must practice,
Against a backboard!


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