‘Play Your Court’ Joins the Tennis Industry Association as SaaS Business Partner

We’re excited about our new partnership with the Tennis Industry Association (TIA). Read their latest press release below.


To help tennis providers manage and grow their businesses, the Tennis Industry Association is partnering with technology development companies that offer “software as a service” (SaaS). The newest partnership is with Play Your Court, a mobile tennis business that helps make the sport more accessible and convenient to players.


“Through the PlayYourCourt.com website, players can find and book convenient and affordable tennis instruction in their own neighborhoods, making it easy for individuals and families to learn and improve,” says Play Your Court CEO and founder Scott Baxter. “Our website serves as a unique marketing platform that matches clients in search of local instruction opportunities with our tennis professionals. Play Your Court is great for players,teaching professionals, and the game overall.”


Currently, Play Your Court serves more than 30 states in the U.S. with a staff of more than 100 certified tennis teaching professionals. “We only hire the best professionals in the industry capable of retaining business and developing frequent players,” Baxter says. “It is our goal to have over 500 professionals on staff by the end of 2014.”


“The software as a service industry has been growing at a very rapid pace,” says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. “In tennis, there are now many companies that offer business solutions, including software platforms designed for tennis providers and facilities. Our goal and opportunity is to research and highlight these companies and services offered so facilities and providers can determine which of these services best fit their needs and hopefully save time and money in the process.”


Approved TIA SaaS Business Partners, such as Play Your Court, will become part of the family of TIA Recommended Software and Business Solutions, and also receive membership benefits and services to help the facilities, retailers and providers using their specific technology product. The TIA maintains a network of thousands of facilities, retailers, and tennis businesses that can utilize SaaS products in their daily operations.

A key component of the partnership between the TIA and SaaS providers will be the utilization of an API (application programming interface) that allows SaaS clients to select tennis information (i.e. business information, programs, events, etc.) that can be published automatically on the PlayTennis.com website.


“This is an instant added value to our SaaS partners and their end-users. Tennis providers can publish their business and program information in one place and have it appear on PlayTennis.com searches, instantly expanding their potential consumer reach,” says de Boer.


For more information, contact TIA Business Manager Brian O’Donnell at (843) 473-4504 or [email protected].


To learn more about Play Your Court, visit www.PlayYourCourt.com or contact Scott Baxter at [email protected].

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