Tennis in Las Vegas: Where to Play, Shop & More!

Heading to Las Vegas? There is so much more than just gambling there! Make it a tennis trip! It is the home of Andre Agassi, after all. Here are some quick tips and highlights of tennis in Las Vegas.


Start Here

Vegas Tennis

Looking for info on tennis in Las Vegas? is your one stop shop. Start your search here. Check out their site HERE.


Where to Play

Las Vegas offers many options for public tennis. Looking for a court? See the full listing here.

Where to Shop

Bally’s Tennis


Bally’s Tennis is the only specialty tennis facility on the Las Vegas strip. Their tennis shop is fabulous, and if you are looking for a court at 3 am, they also have 8 tennis courts open 24/7. Only in Vegas… Visit their site for more info HERE.


What to Do

Las Vegas Tennis Open

See the future stars of the ATP Tour at this Challenger Series professional tournament. This is how nearly all top players get their start. Don’t miss out on great tennis at this family-friendly event!  Visit their website for more info here.


Improve Your Tennis Game

Want to work on your tennis game in Las Vegas? Let a certified, experienced PlayYourCourt pro help take your game to the next level. Click the link to find great Tennis Lessons in Las Vegas.



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