Tennis in Seattle: Where to Play, Shop & More!

Heading to Seattle? Don’t forget your tennis racket! The lush, Northwest city is a fantastic vacation spot, especially for tennis lovers! Here are some quick tips and highlights of tennis in Seattle.


Where to Play

Amy Yee Tennis Center

Just one of Seattle’s great tennis facilities, the Amy Yee Tennis Center is a fabulous spot to play. During the (many) wet months, the facility offers 10 world-class indoor courts so you can work on your game no matter what’s going on outside. Click here for more info.

Where to Shop

Avanti Sports

Avanti Sports has been the leader in the tennis and racket sports community in Seattle for over 30 years. They have it all. Visit their site for more info HERE.


What to Do

Washington State Open

While Seattle lacks a major professional tennis tournament, that doesn’t mean you can’t see high-level tennis! The Washington State Open will be played for the 125th straight year at the Seattle Tennis Club, a very exclusive, beautiful private club, this July/August. Players in the open division will compete for over $20,000!  Visit their website for more info here.


Improve Your Tennis Game

Want to work on your tennis game in Seattle? Let a certified, experienced PlayYourCourt pro help take your game to the next level. Click the link to find great Tennis Lessons in Seattle.


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