New PYC Tennis Pro: Bobby W offering Tennis Lessons in Katy, TX

Bobby W has joined the tennis pro team, offering tennis lessons in Katy, TX.

“Div-II player & coach. Tennis Club Pro/Director. Private & teams.”

His credentials include:

*Ages 10+ Beginner (1.0) to 3.5.
*Proficiency thru repetition and conditioning. Above all, fun!
*Helping each individual make progress towards their goals!
*USTA 4.5+ GA State Champions. 15+ City Championships.

A little more about Bobby:

“Tennis first and foremost is about having fun, exercise, connecting with the ball, and making consistent improvements through repetition and mental awareness. I work towards each student’s game focusing on improving skills in the following categories:
1. Understand the different strokes, bio-mechanics, efficiency?
2. Movement to the ball, execute the stroke, over the net and in the court.
3. Directing the ball to either side and short vs. deep.
4. Depth and consistency.
5. Competition strategy. Doubles. Singles.
I can’t wait to help you improve!

Book a tennis lesson in Katy, TX with Bobby W.

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