New PYC Tennis Pro: Jonathan B offering Tennis Lessons in Marina Del Ray, CA

Jonathan B has joined the tennis pro team, offering tennis lessons in Marina Del Ray, CA.

“Best credentials & quickest learning available to the public.”

His credentials include:

*Division 1 NCAA coaching and USPTA for 25+ years
*First lesson to league players seeking an edge.
*Play smarter, beat younger people, and have more fun doing it!
*9 years coaching USC Women’s Tennis/9 NCAA Tournaments PLUS…
*Worked with Vic Braden for my Ph.D. Want to be “famous by Friday?”

A little more about Jonathan :

“Had a lesson or two but hit the glass ceiling? Is your game stuck?

Want to beat others at your level, compete with much younger players, or beat better athletes with more experience? You’ve found your coach!

Years on court with USC Women’s Tennis, biomechanics knowledge, and motor learning experience make coaching much easier. College coaches learn what a players needs hear to win the next point, game, and match. A sport scientist knows how to get them there faster. In the first few minutes, even beginners wonder why they were anywhere else.

Its a comprehensive learning experience. From injury prevention, to nutrition, sleep science, and sport psychology–a happier, healthier player makes a better competitor.

The first lesson is the most fun for me because students begin to learn how to teach themselves, how to practice most productively, and even get a glimpse of tennis as a three dimensional game of strategy. Tennis is a sweet science. Take a bite!”

Book a tennis lesson in Marina Del Ray, CA with Jonathan B.

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