New PYC Tennis Pro: Tom K offering Tennis Lessons in McMinville, OR

Tom K has joined the tennis pro team, offering tennis lessons in McMinville, OR.

“I have taught tour pros and beginners.”

His credentials include:

*32 years of teaching experience. Invented many racquet control drills.
*Teaches all levels. Best at teaching the volley, slice backhand and return.
*Very intense, but nice. I believe in correct technique at the net
*Coached a state champion the best net game.
*Played at the University of Redlands during it’s dynasty.

A little more about Tom:

“My lessons are very intense. I believe in very simple mechanics, and hitting through the ball. I think the service line volley needs to be hit with pace and I advocate volleying on the wall to master the technique. The ‘old school’ volleyers like Laver and Rosewall are so superior to today’s players, with the exception of The Bryan brothers, who volley the same way. The one handed backhand HAS to be taught along side the two-hander to ensure a player is comfortable in every area of the court.

Book a tennis lesson in McMinville, OR with Tom K.

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